My Favorite Rifle: The Mosin Nagant

Do you like to make things? If so, I would suggest trying to make your own mosin nagant upgrades. With just a couple tools you will be able to save a ton of money and personalize it to your liking. Those tools include a power miter saw, a horizontal band saw and a table saw. If you need help picking out a table saw then you can read some table saw reviews here.

I, as a gun lover have had and shot a lot of different guns in my day. That includes pistols, rifles, semi-automatic rifles, fully automatic rifles and even grenades! So you could say that I have some good experience with guns in general and let me tell you, the mosin nagant is by far the best rifle I have ever laid my hands upon.

My Mosin Nagant

There are an abundance of reasons for me saying that but the main one comes down to how reliable it is. When I say reliable I also mean consistent. Meaning that where you aim your gun that is where the bullet is going to go, Now you would think that all guns should be like this but they aren’t, the mosin nagant rifle is actually one of the few rifles that actually do this. That right there is the main reason behind the mosin nagant rifle being my top rifle.

I also really like that the mosin nagant is really easy to customize. There are thousands of different things that you can do to your mosin nagant to improve every single aspect of the gun. Ranging from bipods, scopes, stocks and more. There are all types of aftermarket parts that will take your rifle to the next level.

I personally love my pu scope on my mosin nagant and I also added a neat archangel nagant tactical stock to go along with it. I also have some cool plans for for the future but I am saving up for some new mosin nagant accessories.

I will keep you all updated as I continue to upgrade my rifle and you guys can all follow along. If you have any questions leave a comment below.